Drew Smith Group - Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

In a business such as ours the principles of corporate responsibility underpin all we do. Whilst we strongly hold our position on health and safety, equal opportunities and playing our part in sustainability it is our position in supporting the community where we feel we really make a difference.

In the last 20 years we have helped provide over 1500 new Social Housing Homes. We have renovated over 5000 kitchens and bathrooms to help improve the lives of those in the community. We have helped provide and maintain classrooms, workplaces and health facilities and most importantly provided work to over 20,000 people in our community.

We continue to take and deliver on these responsibilities and are always looking at new ways to enhance the local community and environment where our business operates.

Decent Homes

As part of Southampton City Council’s decent homes framework we have been involved in upgrading thousands of kitchens across the city. Below is an example of how we are contributing to enhancing the lives of those that live within our community and delivering on our corporate responsibilities.

Decent Homes
Decent Homes


To date
Drew Smith
have built a
high percentage

of the UK's code level 6 housing!