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Kenn Scaddan Associates
Concept House
35 Kingston Crescent
North End

Consultant Engineer:

Upton McGougan
Partnership House
Moorside Road
SO23 7RX

Stoneham Green
Stoneham Cemetery Road, Southampton


Secured through 2 stage competitive tender Drew Smith were awarded the Design and Build contract to deliver 11 new Code level 6 family homes; the first in Southampton. Working closely with both client and design team this innovative and technically challenging project was delivered on time and within budget to meet all funding criteria.

Through careful risk management and effective, quality controlled delivery, every attainable Code credit was achieved; extensive ecological mitigation measures were implemented, Best Practice Considerate Constructors scores recorded as well as exceptionally high levels of acoustic attenuation between homes.

Whilst featuring ;renewable technologies including solar PV and Bio-mass, the energy strategy for these 'true carbon zero' homes relied heavily on the effective application of many passive construction techniques; all of the homes benefit from a highly efficient building fabric, extremely low levels of air permeability, and thermally modelled junctions to avoid cold bridging.

During the currency of the project Drew Smith along with members of its supply chain supported Radian to develop and implement a comprehensive Building Energy Management System. Through innovative and considered design the system was optimised to provide a wealth of valuable information for both Radian and residents alike. As well as managing re-fueling and resident billing each resident benefits from their own interactive audio visual display providing real time energy use data, interactive operation manuals to support their knowledge as well as useful data including live bus timetables etc.

Having successfully completed the project Drew Smith has supported its client with resident and housing management training; also disseminating information and lessons learned to various organisations including RSL's, Local Authorities and other contractors.